Black Pigeon Speaks is Wrong.

Not a whole lot but there is one thing.

In his video he repeats the claim made by a psychologist made during a politically charged speech about sex.

According to genetic research, 80% of women reproduce, but only 40% of men reproduce.

In the past…

Cuz girls like harems….

The article as well as the speech as well as BPS claim this comes from recent genetic research.

What research? Neither the speech the article on the speech not BPS tells us.

Well if you are researching sex and rates of reproduction and using genetics the only way to do that is to look at the sex determining X and Y chromosomes.

Anyway I am pretty sure the actual genetic research does not make this 80% 40% claim and makes something more along the lines of: the diversity of the X chromosome is greater then the Y chromosome and over time (generations) the diversity of the X chromosome persists better then the Y chromosome.

Non-geneticists then took that info and manipulated it to assign those sex genes to human beings and their sex and their numbers then derive at what ratio reproduced and what ratio didn’t.

Two problems with that.

The first and lesser problem is that the X chromosome is a bigger chromosome then the Y chromosome. 153 million base pairs vs 58 million base pairs. As such the X chromosome is more susceptible to mutation then the Y chromosome. 153 million chances for mutation over a time period vs only 58 million chances for mutation over that same time period. More mutations equals more diversity. Over time there will be more kinds of X chromosomes then there are kinds of Y chromosomes in a given population.

The second and greater problem is that in any given population made up of 50% women and 50% men there are three times as many X chromosomes then there are Y chromosomes. Women have two X chromosomes while men have one Y and one X. This also amplifies the problem stated in the the first problem if there are more X chromosomes to be mutated there will be more mutated X chromosomes. If X chromosomes have more mutations then the genome of a population’s X chromosomes will be more diverse then the genome of a population’s Y chromosomes.

Anyway because of the way sex is determined in sexual reproduction the Y chromosome with always be under greater pressure to survive then the X chromosome and therefor more likely to be extinguished.

The easiest example would be a father who sires only daughters. Although his genes are reproduced his Y chromosome is domed and extinct. The only way for his Y chromosome to be passed on is to have sons. This distortion is compounded by the fact that in any genetic study that is looking at the success of sex genes to be passed on will count any X chromosome contributed by a man to his off spring as a success for the X chromosome despite it being contributed by a man. All that genetic diversity that he injected into his daughters when they are eggs would be counted as diversity in the X chromosome column despite it being a man who successfully reproduced.

A third problem that I just thought of.

Genes often cross and recombine. This is like a mutation but isn’t. When you have two pairs of chromosomes unwinding and doing bat shit crazy stuff in a newly fertilized cell next to each other they sometimes cross streams as it were and genes of those two chromosomes are traded. But the sex genes have trouble if this happens. The X chromosome and the Y chromosome are different sizes have different genes and they do different stuff. In a female fertilized egg this isn’t an issue. The man’s contributed X chromosome exchange genes with the woman’s contributed X chromosome and 9 months later a healthy baby girl is born. For boys not so much. Genes cannot be exchanged like for like and if it occurs will kill the fertilized egg or screw up the Y chromosome so bad it won’t be expressed (You get a sterile genetic male with a woman’s phenotypical  characteristics) or screw up the Y chromosome so that only the X chromosome is ever viable for sexual reproduction of that baby boy when he reaches adulthood.

Fundamentally the only way to determine if a man reproduced is to check for a Y chromosome. Because of the nature of the chromosomes that determine sex there will always be a bias against the diversity of the Y chromosome. Harem or no harem.

Note: Don’t cry for the Y chromosome too much. Yeah it is the chromosome that makes a person a man. I like it sure but for the most part it is just a switch puller. It tells the rest of a person’s genes to either shut off or turn on. It is the other genes you have which determine what kind of man you will be. The Y tells the fair coloring, fidgety vanity, and ripe boob genes to turn off and also tells the dark beard, sperg aggression and itchy balls genes to turn on. Both sexes have the itchy balls and ripe boob genes. The presence or absence of the Y chromosome determines which ones are turned off or on.


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