Derpy Derp…lulz….wait….wut?


Hey look at that; Robert E Howard gave his Black Pirates of Barsoom wings.

“But they spoke of strange unhuman beings or survivals. They told me of the Yagas, a terrible race of winged black men. dwelling far to the south, within sight of the Girdle, in the grim city of Yugga, on the rock Yuthla, by the river Yogh, in the land of Yagg, where living man had never set foot. The Yagas, the Guras said, were not true men, but devils in a human form”

Hmm that looks like a Lovecraft thing. Howard put a Cthulhu heavy in his Barsoom Pastiche! I know I will look up some Lovecraft lingo to drop in an ever so clever gab post.

“The thing that had emerged from the dome was bigger then an elephant, and in shape something like a giantic slug, except that it had a fringe of tentacles all about its body. And from these writhing tentacles crackled sparks and flashes of blue flame.”

Howard’s Yagas are Lovecraft’s Nightgaunts. Lulz.

Nightgaunts have a vaguely human shape, but are thin, black, and faceless. Their skin is slick and rubbery. They sport a pair of inward-facing horns on their heads, a long barbed tail, and prehensile paws which are used to “tickle” their victims into submission. They can fly using a set of membranous wings. They make no sound.”



“The Statement of Randolph Carter”

“Randolph Carter”



“I remember how I shuddered at his facial expression on the night before the awful happening, when he talked so incessantly of his theory, why certain corpses never decay, but rest firm and fat in their tombs for a thousand years.”



The story begins by describing how the modern world has been stripped of imagination and belief in magic. The protagonist is an unnamed man who lives in a dull and ugly city. Every night for many years the man gazes from his window upon the stars, until he comes over time to observe secret vistas unsuspected by normal humanity. One night the gulf between his world and the stars is bridged, and his mind ascends from his body out unto the boundless cosmos.”




“While the influence of the fantasies of Lord Dunsany on Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle is often mentioned, Robert M. Price argues that a more direct model for The Dream-Quest is provided by the six Mars (“Barsoom”) novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs that had been published by 1927.”



Note: Both “Almuric” and “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” were published after their respective authors were dead….

Howard and Lovecraft were Barsoom fan-fic penpals.

The False Consciousness Block

“Royal Marine” Jonathan McCalmont of Interzone fame has blocked me from commenting on his blog Ruthless Culture.

I still have not lost my charm with post new wave fandom.


What did I say?

You can see the two comments I got in here. They are fairly tame IMHO.

My third and final comment dealt I think with a characteristic of the dear red Scot that others have not mentioned. So I post it here for posterity.

My comment is in reply to this.

“The single greatest fear of the American Republican party is that the white working class will someday realise that they have more in common with working class black people than with white millionaires. The greatest fear of the puppies is that white dude SF readers will one day realise that female black and minority ethnic writers have a greater understanding of what they’re going through than a tax exile with a trust fund.”

This is Marxist False Consciousness.

You even have the ol’ skool class basis of it mixed in with the new feminism and race variants.

You hit em all fam!

Good job….I guess.

“A lot of what passes for drives towards inclusivity and diversity in genre spaces is really nothing more than the market correcting itself.”

So your whole market analysis here is based on a mini-awakening from the false consciousness of the working classes (strangely only minority and women working classes) that supposedly occurred back in the 80s and 90s will somehow grow large into full on revolt by the entire white working class in their reading habits of SFF……

Holy fuck dude!

Why on earth would an awakening of the proletariat that was supposed to happen back in (((The Great War))) suddenly manifest today in white working class SFF reading habits!?!?!

Note: White Millennials are the most conservative generation the US has seen in modern history and white Gen Z polls even more conservative then them. Why they will SOON be consuming stories about POC trannys discussing the artisinal crafted food condiment singularity with their uplifted cats at the coffee shop rather than reading stories about Cyborg Kull with chaste NEET Jane in nanoweave bronze underwear over his shoulder lasering down hordes of uplifted tranny cats while they escape a Spengler’s Winter Apocalypse on 10,000 AD Venus is a question you left unanswered.

Archive of “royal marine” tweet:

Tarzan in Strange Beds

Warning I’m going to cuss….

A lot.

God damn it, I fucking knew it!

That son of bitch Heinlein took the claim of Edgar Rice Burroughs in Tarzan that love romance fidelity monogamy and marriage are innate virtues and deconstructed it then shat it out in a Cultural Marxist porn filled stream of diarrhea.

Fuck you Heinlein. May your corpse spin you piece of shit.

Oh yeah and you are liar as well:

“Heinlein got the idea for the novel when he and his wife Virginia were brainstorming one evening in 1948. She suggested a new version of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (1894), but with a child raised by Martians instead of wolves.”

Kipling my ass. Your Martian Tarzan was aimed at Burroughs and now I know it for a fact you dead old sterile impotent fuck!


Stranger in a Strange Bed



Hesitated for a bit. Then I thought about the impossibility of Heinlein not thinking about “A Princess of Mars” more then a few times when he wrote it.

Plus a few minutes ago I just read this:

“Isaac Asimov believed that Heinlein made a swing to the right politically at the same time he married Ginny.”

But hey the guy did invent the water bed. A device guaranteed to ruin sex, loving or unloving, for anyone. His frustration would be expected even at his age and health.

So Long and Thanks for all the Scalps

I guess that is that then:


Between calling Clinton’s campaign team Pedos, accusing Fox (former Mexican president not the news channel) of aiding rape coyotes, or calling some poor Misery with Cats woman a slut, I can’t tell you exactly which tweet did it. Though I suspect it was the slut one as the actual original tweet with the word slut in it is now gone.

I can’t say the ride wasn’t fun cuz it was.

Anyway I have a gab account and maybe just maybe little Jeffroed me should pull a Jeffro and pound out a couple thousand words a week here. I can’t say those words will be worth reading but one only improves by doing.

Better then watching TV let me tell ya.

Nine Princes In Amber And X2 Castle of Amber

I found something.


Over at Puppy of the Month Club they are reviewing Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes In Amber. Jon M  and The Frisky Pagan have been writing about how the novel and other Amber Chronicles relate to Appendix N and its inspiration to D&D and other RPGs. Specifically  The Frisky Pagan points out similarities with D&D’s Planescape Campaign and the Amber Chronicles and Jon M discusses the Amber RPG. (Good stuff click on their links)

In the comments of The Frisky Pagan’s article Cirsova points out “Amber was hugely influential on the illusionist class.“. Another older observation made by Alex in a seemingly unrelated article at Jeffro’s Space Gaming Blog points out a Zelazny creation that found its way into the monster manual “It wasn’t like he was going on about Monster Manual Rakshasa in a review of Zelazny’s Lord of Light.”


OK real quick because I am sick of looking at this and just want the info out! out! out!

Tom Moldvay took a whole bunch of inspiration from Nine Princes In Amber for his 1981 adventure X1 Castle of Amber.

First I am not the first to “discover” this but I did discover it independently for what it’s worth.


Second it is really weird that so much is taken from Nine Princes In Amber but there is no credit given even though there is credit given for Clark Ashton Smith.




Now on with what was taken. As mentioned in the InfoGalactic page there is the Grey Mist which surrounds Castle Amber and is used to force the players into the castle. Also there is the Amber family which very much resemble the nine princes and their sisters.



There is the Wild Hunt encounter with Andrew David Amber with accompanying beasts that looks like Julian’s Hunt Corwin and Random encounter while driving through the Forest of Arden. The discussion page for Castle Amber on Wikipedia mentioned this one. You will excuse me for not linking to it.


There is an altered deck of Tarot Cards some with colorfully dressed figures on them.  In the adventure players are bid by Camilla Amber to draw from them effects ranging from some magic item to death. Sadly they don’t teleport players like the Trumps do. Though one of the cards give a ring of spell storing and Dimension Door is one of the spells recommended for it to hold.


There is new monster, wolf headed lupins which resemble the “wier” werewolf patrol guards that Random Corwin and Deirdre encounter in the Forest of Arden.

Speaking of lupins there is Claude Amber found in the library of Castle Amber who like Flora in her library has a dog whistle which doesn’t call Irish wolfhounds from another room to attack the players but calls lupins instead. Also for completeness there is kennel which has four pony sized hell hounds who will not attack players dressed like Amber family members.

There is a trap which I think resembles the pattern.


Though crossing it players do not teleport to Amber the way across does eventually lead to the gate which transports them to Clark Ashton Smith’s Averoigne. Crossing the trap requires players to say aloud the letters they step on or they will be afflicted with lunacy. Also spelling out one of the words as the player crosses will grant benefits much like Corwin’s memory gain when he successfully crossed the pattern in Rebma….Rebma which is Amber spelled backwards. See the letter pattern in the map above?

Castle Amber does have prison dungeons. Though you will not find a Prince with his eyes burned out, there is mad Gaston Amber with a paint brush painting a highly realistic depiction of the moon on the far wall of his cell. His cell which is unlocked. Pretty sure he is Dworkin.

Lastly there is Stephen Amber who is the dad of all the Amber’s and like Oberon is dead but not really dead.

There is more which could be from other books in the Chronicles of Amber series. For example there is a unicorn which in Nine Princes in Amber only appeared as symbol for Oberon and might show up in later books.


Beyond the Nine Princes of Amber X2 Castle Amber is a hot mess of pulp references. As mentioned there is the Clark Ashton Smith stuff as well as an Poe encounter with an Amber sister who is buried alive by her brother and calls out to him. There are Rakasta, cat like humanoids, which Alex pointed out come from Zelazny’s Lord of Light and there is the Brain Collector or Neh-Thalggu which looks to me comes from Lovecraft.


There could be tons more which I missed. X2 Castle Amber is perhaps the most Appendix N of supplements I have ever seen and perhaps is the best TSR published example of what Jeffro calls Kitchen Sink. For X2 Castle Amber Tom Moldvay really went all out in drawing from literary roots to flesh it out.

You might even say he grabbed Appendix N by the Rakasta for this one.